About Us

About Us

We are the PLA material modification factory,

We are the Professional PLA straws factory,

We are also the most professional Material production factory for PLA straws!


Ningbo Longsheng New Material Technology Co.,Ltd, the main product range is: 

Polylactic Acid(PLA) material for straws, Polylactic Acid Straws, and PLA Injection Molding material, Blister material, Blow Film material, Foaming material


Polylactic Acid (PLA) Modification material

- Polylacic Acid Material for straws       (PLA Straws)

-Polylacid Acid Injection Molding Material ( PLA forks knives spoons)

-Polylacid Acid Blow Film Material       ( PLA Shopping bag)

-Polylacid Acid Foaming Material        (PLA  Buffer Package)

-Polylacid Acid Blister Material          (PLA Cup, Cup Lid )


We have a very strong technical team that can make it better!

Our PLA material modification is only open to our partners. We have experts and teams that can make all formula unique and valuable.


Ningbo Longsheng has won praise from our customers with High Quality, Unique Design and Reasonable Price. At Present, PLA modified material are mainly exported to South East Asia, and PLA straws are exported to US and Europe.


We are looking for our partners to grow together in different fields to be great factory. We have factory, we have technology, we have professional team, and we also have experience and capital. We believe you will find big potential value if you well understand our business.

So, Welcome to Cooperate!




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