Skillfully dredge sewer with straw!

2019-01-17 16:21:32 zhongqi 6

If the sewer is running very slowly, it is mostly blocked by hair or thread. The thread head and hair are intertwined, which hinders the normal flow of the sewer in the wash basin. How to deal with these obnoxious debris? Zhejiang pipette manufacturer Xiaobian recommends a trick for you, come and see it!

First, we need to prepare a plastic straw and a pair of scissors. A straw for regular drinks will do.

2. Cut the suction pipe left and right alternately. In the process of cutting, attention should be paid to the proper size. Don't cut the suction pipe, and then cut the head of the suction pipe into a pointed one.

3. Put the water in the basin first, then put the pipette into the drainage pipe, gently turn the pipette, wait for the water to finish, then take out the pipette and you can see that the sundries hidden in the pipe are adsorbed to the pipette.

4. If you have more debris, you can try several times more.

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